Writing Retreats, South West Spain

Do you wish you had more time to work on your book?

Our writing retreats are set in the beautiful mountains of Andalusia, Spain. They are designed to give writers the time and space to focus on planning, writing or editing their book through a retreat. 

These retreats are for authors who take their writing seriously, but also understand the value of spending time with like-minded people, exercise and good food as part of the creative process. Whether you are a beginner or have already published a book, you’ll love the air of creativity that you get from being surrounded by nature.

We believe writing should be an enjoyable experience and have created an environment that is both productive and relaxing. Guided walks for inspiration, a salt water pool and coaching are all provided along with a healthy but hearty menu.

The only thing you have to focus on is creating the balance between working on your book and enjoying yourself.

Our retreats take place in a stunning environment where YOU

  • have the time to think, create and explore new ideas
  • draw inspiration from the peace, energy and beauty of the area
  • don’t have to worry about anything except your writing
  • experience a new adventure

  • share ideas and learn from others


The area is not that well known and is generally peaceful, so why are we letting you in on our secret?

Simply because we love it here and we hope you will too. We think peace, harmony and nature are the ideal ingredients to disconnect. Feel the silence of the mountains, enjoy the pure air, take a guided walk or an evening stroll, visit the ‘white’ villages, observe the wildlife or simply relax and enjoy the surroundings and evening sun with a glass of a wine after a good day’s writing, coaching or planning.

There’s a sense of space and tranquillity about the area we have chosen.  There are glorious views surrounded by mountains, natural park area and fabulous blue sky. Our retreats are located in the heart of Andalucia surrounded by three natural parks – Grazalema, Sierra de Las Nieves and Alcornocales. We are committed to providing you with a unique experience in a relaxed and natural setting.

Make your book a priority by joining us on a writing retreat

Accommodation in stunning locations

Accommodation in stunning locations


Draw inspiration from the surroundings

Write wherever the fancy takes you

Write with a view