Relaxing? Energising? Productive?

The sky is clear, the pool is inviting and the air is warm.

It’s Friday afternoon on our Writing Retreat in Spain.

Where ideas come to life

A client sits in the sunshine. She is working on her book with the help of Karen Williams and Sheryl Andrews. They are planning and mapping out the structure.


Another client takes inspiration from the scenery. She is sitting on a sunbed, notebook in hand. Occasionally, she looks up at the mountain range for motivation.


While someone else has gone out for a walk, the others are busy writing and generating ideas.

There is a hardly sound around apart from the odd dog barking now and then and a mule braying.

A dip in the pool. The water is cool, but it’s salt instead of chlorine.  The views once you are in are worth overcoming the initial chill of the water.


How the day starts

The day starts with a walk to get our energy flowing. The air is fresh and clear and the morning sunlight creates a beautiful backdrop. The talk is usually of books and writing, ideas and emotions. Sharing and learning about each other.  The group walk always generates meaningful conversations.

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Around the pool

Back at the apartment, a morning huddle formed near the pool. We check that our guests are okay and ask what support they need. The clients take their different directions, agreeing to lunch on the terrace at 13.00.


Later, lunch is a sociable affair with everyone sharing their progress, needs and the support they require.

Coaching sessions are quickly arranged. Flip chart paper, Post-Its and pens. Work begins again.

Afternoon treats include the Magdelenas (Spanish fairy cakes) that I collected, still warm, from the wood fired bread oven at the local bakers, locally made chocolate and macaroons with coffee.

And then a dip in that glorious blue pool.dscf0501

The sheep come by on their way home for the evening. We hear the bells tinkling and their soft bleating as they come past.


Soon it will be time to go out for dinner. Time to talk, share ideas and sample more local home cooked fayre and, who knows, maybe even the odd glass of local wine.

And mañana? We will have to wait and see…..