As a coach, therapist or trainer have you ever thought about running a retreat, but don’t know where to start or how to go about it? Does the idea of travelling, discovering something new and boosting your business at the same time sound appealing?

Running a retreat is an ideal way to add an extra dimension to your business. It gives you the opportunity to develop a high end, premium product for your clients and is a great way to add value to your business and increase your income at the same time. Your clients will enjoy themselves, feel special and come back to you for more.

It also offers you the chance to spend quality time in a lovely location with your clients where inspiration is key to productivity. There’s plenty of time to be both productive and relax.

10 reasons why a retreat might be good for your business

  1. You really get to know your clients and the support they need from you. As a result, you provide exactly what they are looking for. This boosts your business and income at the same time as you can offer them more of what they want. A retreat also provides the opportunity for down time with your clients. You get to spend time socialising with them so that they get to know you better as well as enjoying themselves.
  2. When your clients are always busy on a day to day basis, a retreat offers them the opportunity to take a step back and see things from a different perspective. They may find that they have been approaching a problem in the wrong way or realise that they have been neglecting something important in their lives or they have just not been finding the time to work on something that will move their business forward. A retreat offers that space and time to create change or get creative.
  3. Your clients come with the right mind-set ready to focus on the task in hand, therefore making your job easier which in turn means your clients love you even more as they get results.
  4. The environment provides an atmosphere of positive energy and inspiration. Consequently, everyone gets that ‘feel-good’ feeling.
  5. You clients have a place to relax where they have time to think clearly. They are able to reflect and get their thoughts together without the usual distractions from their day to day life.
  6. Your clients learn from each other – the power of the group. This adds value to your business and to clients.
  7. You can offer fresh air, good food and exercise – all part of a balanced, healthy, lifestyle.
  8. Your clients get quality time from you during the retreat – there’s no ‘time’s up’ at the end of the session or the day.
  9. You can surprise your clients with activities like walk and talk, unusual activities and a new environment that they haven’t explored before.
  10. Both you and your clients get ‘me’ time and a chance to recharge those batteries – as we know, but often forget, we all do better when we feel better. When we relax, we often have those light bulb moments that help the project we are working on move forward and enable us to gain a fresh perspective on life.

And, finally, it doesn’t even feel like you are working … you also get to take time out in idyllic surroundings, enjoy yourself and get paid for it. You get to do what you love doing in a new environment. Your clients get to feel like VIPs and they return home talking about the amazing experience they’ve had. Would that boost your business? How could you make a retreat part of your business model?

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