And what an exciting start!!!
Here we are on the very first European Coaching Retreat and I am very proud to be hosting Karen Williams from Self Discovery Coaching and her writing retreat ‘Your Book is the Hook’ here in south west Spain. It seems so appropriate to start the retreats with Karen, my business coach, who has been really encouraging with her support and expertise for this new venture. Thank you, Karen!

The rain in Spain….
After a week of rain, with me anxiously peering out at the clouds and watching the weather forecast, the sun finally came out to greet the group who arrived on Thursday.
Having put together a selection of accommodation choices for Karen’s group I was naturally a bit worried about whether they would be happy with the choice. Fortunately, the ladies love it and they are inspired by the apartments which is a big relief!
Not that I am really surprised – there’s not a lot to dislike!!! I tried out these apartments myself last year and have to admit that I’d quite happily live there! As well as the comfort side of things, there’s something incredibly inspiring about looking out from your balcony or terrace towards the mountain range and pool

A typical day
We have started both days off so far with a 30 minute meditation followed by a walk, some local cheese shopping, coffee and then under Karen’s wonderful guidance everyone has got down to writing.


Time out for an inspirational dip in the pool…..
We have joined up in the evening to enjoy a relaxing and well-deserved tasty meal in a local restaurant. We have tried out some local specialties and tomorrow evening we’re off for a Moroccan tagine – well, it would be rude not to.

Why they are here
Karen says that one of the reasons for running the retreat is because she knows that it is easy to be distracted when you want to make big things happen like writing a book. These distractions become a priority and the thing that you really want to do goes down the pecking order. But coming away to an inspiring place like this puts you first and you also get the support to create new habits and see your ideas fall into place.

Thanks to Karen and her lovely ladies for sharing their thoughts on what they are getting so far from the retreat:

“Time to think. Time to get your thoughts together” – Wendy

“You need that time” – Gill

“It’s a truly magical and inspiring location” – Karen

“The mountains are inspiring and I can now see the end of my book!” – Sara

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