mentoring in the sunshine 2 - copiaMeet Rebecca Adams….

Whilst living in a beautiful corner of South West Spain, I realised the importance of productive time out in an inspiring location and felt compelled to share this beautiful place with others by offering retreats to people who are looking for a new experience combined with some down time in gorgeous surroundings.

Having lived and worked in Spain for 18 years, I know the area well and source the best local services working with colleagues and contacts that I love and trust. Insider knowledge enables me to provide an unforgettable stay as I introduce you to people, places and experiences you may not otherwise discover during a short visit.

You get the expertise and advice you need through working with creative writing tutors and book mentors as well as coaching from fully qualified coaches.

My fluent Spanish skills mean you can feel safe in the knowledge that I can translate if necessary, trouble-shoot, deal with enquiries and offer advice about the area, the food or whatever else you’d like to know.

Over the last 20 years I have taught, coached and trained, run workshops, blogged, travelled, delivered talks at conferences, collaborated with a well-known educational publisher, taken school children away on adventure holidays in the Spanish Pyrenees, managed a busy department, created leadership, assertiveness and emotional management courses in Spanish and, believe me, it doesn’t get any scarier than standing up in front of a group and delivering content in a foreign language, and still found time to read as much as possible. All of these experiences have allowed me not only to develop skills in a range of areas, but also helped me to be prepared for anything! Most of all they have taught me that taking well-spent time out is invaluable for our health, wellbeing and creative thought process.

I now split my time between Spain and the UK coaching clients to communicate confidently in Spanish and English through conversation and writing classes. I also run group sessions on writing for wellbeing that encourage people to manage their emotions through creative writing.  Organising retreats helps me to lead a lifestyle that combines many interests.  I enjoy travelling, writing, food, locally grown organic products, walking and being outdoors. I like to support ethical businesses, artisans and fair-trade and love to relax with a good book. Perhaps the next one will be yours?

I’m a member of  Life Coach Directory and World Health Heroes.

I support an online forum that provides support to people struggling to give up smoking.