Writing retreats

Our retreats range from fully catered five-day-getaways to longer stays organised on an individual basis.

Five day retreats

Here you will spend five days immersed in nature; be inspired by stunning views of the Andalusian mountains; take daily walks; have the time and space to work on your book; meet like-minded people and relax around the pool.

For emerging writers

This new retreat supports emerging writers to explore and learn about their creative self. Through a combination of writing exercises to develop healthy writing habits, Mindfulness and coaching to overcome barriers to writing, we aim to get you feeling confident as a new writer.

Writing for wellbeing retreats

Writing for Wellbeing encourages you to explore, reflect, learn more about yourself and manage your emotions through creative writing. In these sessions the focus is not on style, spelling or grammar. Instead, you are guided through activities in non-judgemental environment that leave you feeling more confident, refreshed and creative.

Longer stays

If you wish to take time out to write for longer periods of time, we can organise bespoke stays. Contact Rebecca for more information.

Where you stay

Accommodation is provided in apartments with your own room. We like to keep everything local and work closely with local people to provide an excellent service. A welcome pack awaits you on arrival and provides you with breakfast, fruit tea and coffee for the stay.  

On our five day retreats delicious meals are sourced and cooked locally. For longer stays, there is a small kitchen in the apartment and a list of local restaurant recommendations is provided.