Karen Williams, Librotas Book Mentor, enjoying a dip in the pool after working hard with her clients on her writing retreat.


“Rebecca facilitates and hosts my writing retreats in Spain, and her service is amazing. Not only does she speak the language fluently, know the local area, and book the best accommodation and meals, she shows us the hidden gems that we wouldn’t know about! Organised and methodical, she also helps me to come up with great ideas to get the message out there, and I’d highly recommend her service to anyone thinking about running retreats.”  Karen Williams https://www.linkedin.com/in/rebecca-adams-1a9791a6?trk=hp-identity-name

Martine Louis Certified Money Coach, busy writing on location


“This place is magical, really magical.


Retreat Coaching with  Wellness and Performance Coach, Lynda Swan

‘I’d been considering running retreats for a while but lack of knowledge was slowing my progress. This changed after meeting Rebecca Adams, a Retreat Coach for European Retreats. Rebecca inspired trust and confidence very quickly and her experience and passion for her work radiated throughout our coaching sessions.
If you’re planning to have a retreat business then you should start by reading Rebecca’s e-book, it’s full of great insight and wisdom on the ins and outs of successfully running retreats.
Secondly, I’d fully recommend hiring Rebecca as your facilitator to running retreats, her wealth of experience and great coaching style will definitely get you there so much faster than trying to muddle your way through on your own. You’ll come away feeling confident that your retreats will run smoothly and be full of value for your clients.

Thank you so much Rebecca for your knowledge and experience, I can’t wait for my retreat to be up and running.’

Lynda Swan
Wellness and Performance Coach (UK)


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Sheryl Andrews, Step by Step Listening, during a well-deserved moment of down-time.


“I attended my first retreat in 2015 at this location and Rebecca was the co-host and local guide. Rebecca is a quietly spoken lady with immense confidence when it comes to travel and adventure. I found her daily guided walks inspired my thinking and her passion for travel made all my fears and concerns slip away. I have been fortunate when it comes to running my own retreats in that my husband always travels with me. But there was an occasion one year when he could not get the time off work and I had to cancel the trip because of the fear of travelling alone. Had I known about Rebecca then, I would have employed her services.”

Sheryl Andrews The Strength and Solution Detective – supporting you to do more of what you love and ditch the critic that says you can’t.

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Wendy Wyatt, from Inspire Your Life Coaching, enjoying a visit to the local leather workshop

Wendy Wyatt

“Rebecca was the perfect local hostess and interpreter.  She was friendly and sociable, willing to take us around and help us buy the things we wanted. We even went into a leather factory and spoke to the owner! She introduced us to the locals, took us on walks, translated menus. Nothing ever seemed too much trouble. The most perfect travel guide and I would totally recommend her services and shall endeavour to come back with my husband.”

Most enjoyable time ever.   Thank you.”


Gill Davis, Kincavel Coaching, in the evening sunshine .

“Reflecting on our time away, thinking how lovely it was to arrive in the apartments and have everything prepared there and enough food for Gill Daviesbreakfast for the week and having the support of Rebecca around us and on hand.

Many thanks Rebecca for organising that.”






Spanish Language Coaching

“The lessons she had from you were fantastic and gave her so much more confidence. You were brilliant! She certainly is a fan of yours:). My daughter found you a very ‘inspirational’ tutor.” Linda Swan